Your Imagination, Our Workmanship

Your Imagination, Our Workmanship

Aetos External & Internal Painting

Why Engage Us?

Be it a small leak in your residential toilet to a huge leak in your industrial rooftop, we provide the complete solution you are looking for. Our waterproofing solutions main aim is to preserve and enhance the condition of the slab. This in-turns prevents water seepage as the structure is now completely sealed and sound.

What Are Your Needs?

There are various systems widely available in the market catering to different problems and needs. While some contractors claim to have a one system to meets all your needs, we know that in order to deliver a specialized solution which exceeds your requirements, various systems are required. Our products vary from 1 year warranty all the way to 10 years warranty. Here are just a few solutions we provide.

  • RC Concrete Rooftop Waterproofing (5 Layer System Reinforced With Fibreglass, Torch On Membrane, Concealed System, etc)
  • Metal Rooftop Waterproofing (3 Layer System, Repair & Replacement Of Roofsheet, etc)
  • RC Concrete Wall Waterproofing (5 Layer System, Elastomeric System SS500, Concealed Cementitious System, etc)
  • Metal Cladding & Window Waterproofing (High Grade 791/991 Sealant Replacement, Window Gasket Replacement, Sealent Repair & Caulking, etc)
  • Rooftiles (Concealed Cementitious System & Retiling, Rooftiles & Sealant Replacement, Clear Coating, 3 Layer Elastomeric Membrane System
  • Spot Leakage Repairs (PU Grouting, Sealant Works, Clear Coating, etc)
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How Is The Work Done?

Water is a very tricky subject. Water may be leaking from one location, but the cause of the leak could be coming from a totally different point. Water flows to the weakest point of the concrete slab and penetrates it causing a leak to occur. Therefore, we have to carefully analyse and identify the source of the leak in order to provide a complete solution to solve all the requirements. An example of a common system used is as follows.

RC Rooftop Waterproofing Using 5 Layer Elastomeric Membrane System

  • Area to be washed using 1500psi high pressure water jet.
  • Area to be cleaned and free of dust, grease and damaged concrete.
  • Seal up cracks and holes with approved high grade waterproofing cement.
  • Apply One coat of Elastomeric Waterproofing Sealer.
  • Apply Two coats of Elastomeric Waterproofing Coating
  • Ensure there is a minimum of 300mm Upturn to completely Seal the Waterproofing Coating

When Do We Start?

After you contact us, we will asign a trained Client Engagement Specialist who will visit you onsite. After a short discussion, they will provide you a non-obligatory quotation with various options on how to solve the issue you are facing. If you have any further queries after receiving the quotation, our Specialist are more than happy to come down and thoroughly walk through the process and explain the systems proposed in detail. We believe that to deliver the best, we have to ensure the process is clear and the requirements are met. We look forward to making your vision a reality.

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